10 months ago

The Dark Side of Yoga

I was working on Wall Street when I first started practicing yoga. During that time I suffered from severe neck and back pain, so I thought yoga would help me. Being a novice at the time, I had no idea what the different styles of yoga were. Per read more...

11 months ago

Yoga - Contraindications For Inversions

As we practice yoga poses we want to do also inversions. Most common inversions are the Headstand and the Shoulderstand. But there are not only those two poses which are the inverted asanas.

Any posture in which the head is below the heart read more...

1 year ago

Classifying Asanas, Levels, Methods, Mastering Them Part Iv

Asanas are best classified depending on their application, for example, there are asanas for meditation, for improving ones health, for relaxing the mind and body, etc. Asanas can be broadly classified as under:

Meditative Asanas

1 year ago

Yeast infection symptoms treatment. How to cure and treat yeast infections at home with garlic. Naturally...


This article is not for the faint of heart, so if you are easily rattled or disgusted by natural remedies, you may want to close your browser now. If the thought of resetting your bodies yeast balance naturally makes you happy and read more...

1 year ago

Ways To Get Rid Of Laugh And Nasolabial Folds Naturally

How do you overcome laugh wrinkles, at home? Treatments for nasolabial lines used to mean daunting, invasive steps that carried many hazards. However, more folks are turning to facial aerobics for laughter line elimination as well as to look more read more...

1 year ago

9 Great Yoga YouTube Channels

Interested in yoga but don't want to pay for an expensive class or be seen flopping around on your mat like a fish out of water?

YouTube has tons of yoga channels that are great for yoga enthusiasts who prefer to salute the sun from their read more...

1 year ago

Yoga, butt naked | The Wider Image

"Avoiding getting shots of people's genitalia and other un-publishable angles was the most challenging part."

Shannon Stapleton, Reuters photographer

When I was assigned to photograph a naked yoga session my first thought was: how am read more...